Venice Project, Music Nation: From P2P Video to Label-backed Contests

Two stories about launches of video startups, including the Skype backed Venice Project and Music Nation, an online American Idol where voters decide who gets signed to a deal with Epic Records.
Heather Green

Here are a couple of stories I did on online video. The first, called What Comes After YouTube, talks about the startups who are tackling some of the thorny issues, such as search, syndication, and cheaper distribution of higher-quality videos. The story covers the coming launch of the Venice Project, a P2P startup from the Skype and Kazaa founders and the relaunch early next year of BitTorrent.

The other story is about a startup called Music Nation, that's teaming with record labels EMI, Epic, and Universal, to turn online video contests into serioius business. It's sort of like American Idol for the digital set. Next January, Music Nation will kick off a 15 week contest where people's votes will determine who gets signed to a label contract with Epic in the U.S.

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