NBC News Wakeup Call

Heather Green

The news that NBC is dramatically reshaping the network, through deep cuts in the news operations and changes in the primetime lineup is a huge shift.

The networks were one of the last traditional media ares to really feel and acknowledge the changes around them that are happening because of the fragmenting audiences.

Here's what caught my attention in the coverage. NBC says it will take the cost-cutting savings and plow them into digital initiatives.
But what was particularly interesting was it said that it made these decisions after 15 months of study, during which the company was influenced by what the BBC is doing.

They picked a good model to follow. The BBC has been on the forefront of media companies rethinking themselves. So in my mind, if you want a sense of what NBC might be thinking of when it comes to new digital services, taking a look at the broad array of projects the BBC is trying out is the way to go....

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