Big Media Gets a Second Life

Wired magazine is just the latest in a string of media outlets staking their online claims in the popular virtual-world game

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On Oct. 17, a new edifice will rise up in the midst of the sprawling online virtual world Second Life. On a 1-acre lot, you'll find the digitized headquarters of Wired magazine. Garish neon-pink sliding doors lead to a conference room shaped like a Shuttle PC where as many as 50 people can sit on chairs that resemble circuit breakers and watch a screen that looks like a graphics card.

Still can't find it? Just look near the offices of CNET Networks (CNET), which on Sept. 26 unveiled its own five-story, glass-and-brick office structure in Second Life. The building is an exact replica of the company's headquarters in San Francisco, and it's set amid vast lawns overlooking Second Life's blue ocean. Look closely at that ocean and you'll see the island purchased by British news giant Reuters (RTRSY), which made its Second Life debut on Oct. 16.

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