Office 2007 For Mac Will Be Late. I Care.

Arik Hesseldahl

Macworld UK is reporting today that Microsoft's Mac Business Unit has confirmed that it will not have the next version of Office for the Mac on the shelves until the second half of 2007. How many different ways can we put the words "Microsoft" and "late" together in a sentence?

To Redmond's credit, the first thing I buy after a new Mac is a box containing Office for the Mac, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I will bother the next time around. I mean, $400 is a lot to pay, especially when you consider that Google's Writely is a suitable stand-in for Word, Google Spreadsheets can pinch-hit for Excel, and Gmail and Google Calendar can handle email and scheduling as well or better as Entourage (which I don't bother to use anyway), while Apple's own Address Book is excellent at contact management. Then there's Apple's own iWork suite, which I haven't tried.

And finally who among Mac users even bothers to use MSN Messenger when there's both iChat and the extremly flexible IM client Adium which lets you sign on to pretty much every IM protocol there is? All things considered, I think I could probably get by quite nicely without Office for Mac throughout most of 2007. So Microsoft, go ahead. Take your time.