Doing Things the R/GA Way

As traditional ad firms struggle to keep up with new-media lifestyles, Nick Law, of the Gotham-based agency, is embracing the chaos

"You can't expect people to consume things in a linear fashion," says Nick Law, R/GA's newly promoted chief creative officer for North America, as he sits back in his chair and describes how he is not in the least bit daunted by the apparent unpredictability of the world's Internet users. "You have to embrace that randomness and realize that people do things in a swirl. You can't expect them to be funneled down a nice neat path."

Greenberg remains the company's global chief creative officer. But with Chris Colborn serving as executive vice-president and worldwide creative director and with Law's appointment as chief creative officer in the U.S., it's clear that the chain of succession is being considered.

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