GM Turns To Insanity Hannity And Chrysler Goes To Church. Maybe Detroit Really Is Dying.

Sean Hannity is not just a loud-mouthed blow-hard. He’s evil. And I don’t say that lightly. I don’t think he’s evil because I disagree with him about almost everything. That would be stupid. I think he’s evil because he is an artist in the worst sense of the word devoted to making hateful, destructive ideas seem plausible and logical to a certain cross-section of incurious Americans. He’s not a crafty debater. He is, however, crafty in his daily TV and radio show at assembling often weak opponents for his programs. If participating in a real, legitimate debate, with rules and someone else controlling the microphone, he’s toast. That’s why he rarely puts himself in that position. I also like the strategy of stacking his right-wing side with talking heads who are well-spoken, if nuts, and finding weak-kneed stammerers for the other side. It all works to great effect.

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