Entrepreneurship Is a Good Fit

Babson MBA Romney Evans describes a typical day at his startup Web site where customers each can select jeans based on their own measurements

As co-founder and CEO of True Apparel Company and its online jeans store, truejeans.com, I am responsible for the success and well-being of the entire business. True Jeans is an online jeans store that sells a wide variety of existing brand-name jeans, such as Lucky Brand Jeans (LIZ), Chip & Pepper, Blue Cult, and Wrangler 47 (VFC). Through a partnership with Montreal-based firm My Virtual Model, True Apparel customers will be able to go online, input their measurements, and have our software tell them which brands and styles of jeans best fit their unique body shape and measurements (see BusinessWeek.com, 1/12/06, "Sewing Up the iPod Market").

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