A Story You Need To Read About Innovation.

Bruce Nussbaum

Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management up in Toronto is one of the brightest lights in design thinking. He's quoted in our upcoming survey of where you should go these days to find the most creative, innovative managers and employees--to Design Schools and partnerships between D and B-schools. Wait until you see it up online and in print. We have an interactive table that is incredible.

You can read a really great piece by Roger in the current Fast Company on the awkward dance between business and design. Roger has written before on the difference between reliability (math and measurement) and validity (understanding and invention). My favorite hede in the piece--"Reckoning the Future: Prove it or Invent it."

If you don't get the magazine from the Rotman School of Management, aptly called "Rotman," you're making a mistake. Roger and others write their most pithy stuff in it first, before it hits the more public world of mass media. Check out this piece.

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