YouTube: Medium Hot

While discussing Bill Clinton’s (mild, stagey) tantrum on Fox News, The Times’s Virginia Heffernan nails one crucial new world distinction. The boob tube is medium cool, but YouTube is Medium Hot, and the cool remove that plays well on longform television does not make an impact in the quick-swig Web video world:

It was a perfect three-minute aria of fury: Gore-like (heh) in its understanding of the third screen, the insta-fury, the clip fit, the sheen of spontaneity and socking it to the cable prigs live. Drudge called Clinton “purple-faced,” because he wasn’t cool in a cool medium — television.

But YouTube isn’t a cool medium.

I disagree with her that Clinton went after Chris Wallace specifically with Web-video heads in mind, as I’d be very surprised if Bill Clinton has even seen YouTube.

But her overarching point is dead-on.

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