The Godfather


I panned the Xbox version of The Godfather so badly that I'm surprised I didn't receive any dead fish in the mail (and, no, please don't send any). So when the Xbox 360 version landed on my desk, I figured there would be no place for it to go but up. The good news is that it does, although there's still territory left unexplored. The game has slightly better graphics, an interesting new crew-hiring system that gives you some much needed muscle, extra missions, and a number of Achievements to run through, as well as a Leaderboard. But it still doesn't offer deeper business tactics once you do become the Don of New York, nor full online play ala Saint's Row. It also leaves out important little things that keep it from nailing the dramatic essence of the film it's based on as well. This is the best version of the game out there, but some may find it's still not an offer you can't refuse.

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