Solving Puzzles and Saving Babies

Nintendo furthers the adventures of Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and friends in this highly-anticipated game for the DS. It could sell the system

Yoshi's Island 2, the sequel to one of Nintendo's greatest SNES and GBA games, is going to be released for the DS this November, hopefully to much fanfare. Once again, players will take control of Yoshi and protect baby Mario from evil, except this time, baby Peach and baby Donkey Kong are along for the ride. You can only carry one runt at a time, and each one, when combined with Yoshi, instills the lizard with various abilities. But he can also fall back on his old moves, namely his flutter jump and most importantly his tongue, which can be used to grab enemies and objects and pull them into his mouth. Consuming bad guys is essential if you want to save the babies from certain doom, and doing this isn't going to be easy thanks to tricky puzzles that span both screens. There's still a lot of information that Nintendo hasn't revealed, but for now, Yoshi's Island 2 is one of the DS' most highly anticipated games and a possible system seller.

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