Could Apple Become Games Console King?

For all the hype about iTV, here's another potential application: iGames. Could Steve Jobs and co really have their eye on the console market?

As summer turns to fall and the phosphor-lit leaves of the current stand of next-gen consoles begin to turn decidedly ‘This Gen,’ we already know that the scramble by Microsoft and Sony to put a digital Trojan horse into every living room in America has evolved into the greatest business story that never happened.

Microsoft had to redouble efforts to cover a weak 360 launch that saw the debut of the sweetest-$400-casual-game-platform-of-all-time rather than the Sony-killing muscle machine for which the geeks in Redmond had been bucking. And while PS3 delays, some deft management, and an impressive roster of upcoming releases looks to put the big green X back on track, the Microsoft army is still massing its troops.

For its part, Sony has clearly given up altogether on the idea of the PS3 as Trojan horse. Instead, it’s switched strats and gone into Blu-ray battering-ram mode. In both cases, these companies have shrieked so loudly and so long about their plans to capture the Holy Grail of Digital Convergence that pretty soon people are going to start lobbing cattle at them.

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