Best New SUVs 2007

Sales are down but car makers hope enough drivers will still prefer ground clearance and size over fuel economy

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Yes, yes, we know. Sport-utility vehicles aren't cool anymore. They are gas-guzzling behemoths, throwbacks to the days of $40 a barrel oil. No one in their right mind would buy one now. Unless, of course, they actually liked being gouged at the pump or had no conscience about the damage fossil fuels wreak on geopolitics and the environment.

But don't expect SUVs to give up quite so easily. For one thing, there is a sizable segment of the population that needs the seating, cargo room, and off-road capabilities of a Chevy Suburban or a Land Rover. A Prius just won't cut it if you need to ferry the team to Pop Warner's or if you live off the grid in the snowbelt.

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