Online Extra: Table of Projected Job Openings, 2004-2014

Health care is hot, but it's not the only game in town if you are looking to choose a career. Here is a list of selected professions that someone with a postsecondary education might consider, ranked by the number of projected job openings from 2004 to 2014. These statistics are drawn from labor-market projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in November, 2005. (For more, see

Nurses are at the top of the list, with 1.2 million projected openings in the decade, both from growth in the profession and the need to replace nurses who are retiring or moving into other lines of work. The number of projected openings for doctors is about equal to the number for lawyers and social scientists, good news for those of you who always wanted to go to med school.

But what is especially striking about this list is the sheer number of teachers who will be needed in the coming years, at every level. Health care may be the wave of the future, but education isn't far behind.

Openings from growth and net replacements,

2004-2014 (thousands)

Registered nurses 1,203
Postsecondary teachers 892
Elementary and middle school teachers 815
Top executives 808
Engineers 507
Secondary school teachers 474
Computer software engineers 448
Human resources managers and specialists 323
Media and communication occupations 253
Art and design occupations 221
Physicians and surgeons 212
Social scientists 209
Lawyers 205
Marketing and sales managers 202
Scientists 197
Entertainers and performers 188
Clergy 139
Computer and information systems managers 124
Medical and health services managers 105
Athletes, coaches, and related workers 84
Psychologists 72
Architects 37
Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics

By Michael Mandel

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