How Apple, at its core, is like the French

Stephen Baker

So Apple wants us to stop calling our audio files podcasts--or at least is pressing commercial companies to stop using the word. What should we call it instead? Engadget offers suggestions.

The French, for very different reasons, attempt to cleanse their language of words like podcast. It's less an issue of copyrights than a (futile) effort to wall off the incursion of English into the language. One alternative that has popped up in France (and Quebec) is a word that for most Anglos is nearly unpronounceable: baladodiffusion.

Sure, it's six syllables instead of two. And that U after the double F is torture for Anglos to pronounce correctly. But with a few hundred million in TV and Internet ads, the cool "Apple Guy" could eventually teach it to us--and maybe help us out with the subjunctive while he's at it. Just to drive home the point, Apple could link the clueless Microsoft guy to "podcasts."

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