Hits 1 Million Subscribers

Heather Green

I met with Joshua Schachter from this morning and the latest news out of the bookmarking company is that it hit the 1 million registered member mark this month. That's up from 300,000 when Yahoo bought the company in December.

That seems like good growth to me, especially for a company that's pioneering a radically different way of finding information online.

We talked about social search and how hard it is, but how it's the next generation of finding information, which I believe.

Joshua made an interesting distinction. Instead of finding information a la Google, social search is about finding knowledge. The idea is how do you connect with the information you need in a context that's knitted together by people and by human expertise, rather than the linear way we do it now, which is to type a search term into a box.

He talked about one way in which he he wanted to work more on this by figuring out ways to better highlight expertise on the service. (By pinpointing, for instance, people who were faster at finding new information or trends online.)

Another tidbit was that unlike other peer production services, such as Yahoo Groups or Wikipedia, where a small group of people produce most of the content, on a large chunk of users are contributing bookmarks.

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