Boomers: A Web-Marketing Bonanza

Only a few smart Internet sites have figured out how to appeal to a large constituency with time to spend and money to burn

Jeff Taylor, who is 45, is obsessed with age 50. But it's not just his own half-century milestone he's thinking about—it's everyone's. Every day, some 10,000 people in the U.S. celebrate their 50th birthday. These baby boomers and their broader cohort are expected to live longer and more actively—traveling, working, hiking—than any previous generation.

But many sites are still struggling with their identities and have not yet hit their stride, says boomer advertising consultant Chuck Nyron, author of (Paramount Market Publishing, 2005) "Every site has happy, smiling faces of baby boomers and says: 'We want to inspire you'," he explains.

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