Bank of America and Xerox Win Outstanding Corporate Innovators Award.

Bruce Nussbaum

The Product Development & Management Association is a serious outfit that helps managers understand the nitty gritty of innovation and it is about to give its Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award to two companies that truly deserve it--Bank of America and Xerox.

We wrote about BofA's new Keep The Change product as a case study in the first issue of Inside Innovation. As for Xerox, an incredible 90% of its products now in the marketplace have been launched in the past 4 years. It's XIG--Xerox Innovation Group is really creative and smart.

If you don't know the PDMA, you should check it out. It specializes in the "how" of innovation.

And if you art in Atlanta on Oct. 22-26, the OCI awards will be handed out to both BofA and Xerox. I'll be there listening and learning.

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