How would Babe Ruth fare on blogs?

Stephen Baker

I did a little trend check to see which area most captures the imagination of bloggers:
1) War and Peace in the Middle East
2) Apple's place in the digital living room
3) A rampaging power hitter stalking the ghost of Babe Ruth (That's baseball.)

So I compared Condi Rice, Steve Jobs and Phillies' slugger Ryan Howard. It looks like tech and politics trump sport--or at least this largely American sport. Rice's figures would have been considerably higher, I'll bet, if she had an easy-to-spell first name.

A similar search on Google Trends would seem to indicate that more people are looking up Howard, these days, than Rice. Again, lots of people probably find ways of looking up Rice without spelling Condoleezza. Just to internationalize the mix, and add some context, I threw in David Beckham . He trounced the secretary of state, the CEO, and the slugger.

The meaning of all this? Very little. But these are some tools to play with when, like me, you're putting off work on a balmy Sunday morning.

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