Dunn's Done, Hurd's Not

Rob Hof

In the wake of the HP leaks probe scandal, Chairman Patricia Dunn is now leaving the board entirely--not surprising, given her central role in the mess. Looks like HP senior counsel Kevin Hunsaker and HP global security manager Anthony Gentilucci are on their way out too. At a no-questions-please press briefing, CEO Mark Hurd took some responsibility for not keeping close enough tabs on the probe. Indeed, he said that while he approved something as specific as the name of a fabricated HP employee in an email intended to lure CNET's Dawn Kawamoto into revealing her source for leaked HP information, he did not see or approve of the use of tracer technology to be used in that email. We may find out more next week, when he, Dunn, outside counsel Larry Sonsini, and others testify before a House subcommittee.

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