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Final Act Looms in Nazi Restitution Case

Amid concerns over Holocaust survivors' ability to hold on, pressure mounts for German retailer KarstadtQuelle to settle one family's claim

The long-enduring battle between German retail giant KarstadtQuelle and the heirs of the Wertheim family, a prominent Jewish retailing clan in the years before the Nazis came to power, has been emotional and often bitter. But one thing is clear: The courts have consistently ruled in favor of the family's heirs.

Yet KarstadtQuelle, which may owe up to €145 million ($184 million) to the Wertheim heirs, won’t settle. Instead, it keeps pushing the case into other courts. But amid concerns about how much longer aged Holocaust survivors can hold on, the Wertheim family is urging KarstadtQuelle to come to an agreement, if for no other reason than on moral grounds.