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Facebook: Opening the Doors Wider

The mega-popular social-networking site is opening up to allow anyone in certain geographic areas to sign up. Will this expand or dilute its appeal?

If Mark Zuckerberg had stayed in school, he'd be a recent grad, maybe settling into a new job or place to live, or continuing to search for that first big break. But as daunting and uncertain as those first few months may have been, they'd be a breeze compared to what Zuckerberg faces now.

The 22-year-old is founder and chief executive of, the social-networking site of choice for college students and the seventh most trafficked. Despite scant experience, Zuckerberg runs a 150-person company that has raised $38 million in venture capital. He turned down at least one acquisition offer for $750 million, and recently signed an advertising deal with Microsoft (MSFT) that those close to the company say is worth hundreds of millions of dollars over several years.