Rockstar's Neighborhood Bully

Every parent's nightmare: The new game for PS2 features a troubled youth wreaking havoc on a reform school from hell

Welcome to scenic Bullworth Academy! Bully, Rockstar's latest PS2 pet project that's become one of the most controversial videogames to come along in quite some time. In it, you play as troubled youth Jimmy Hopkins, an outcast that's been sent by his cracked out parents to a reform school chock full of all sorts of people. You've got your nerds, your jocks, hot women, and of course, annoying teachers and a principal that's about as crooked as Emperor Palpatine. And the worst part is Jimmy will have to attend classes on a regular basis and mind a curfew! Well, that's not entirely true, because in Bully, you make your own rules. You can cut class, blow up the bathroom with firecrackers, put kids in head locks, and make life unpleasant for all of the game's adults. In fact, if you feel like ditching Chemistry, hop on your skateboard and take a ride around town. There are all sorts of things to do. So if you've ever been bullied, were/are a bully, or just like causing mayhem, methinks you should play Bully when it's released on October 16. I haven't played it yet, but judging by the screens and videos, it's a lot better than doing homework all night.

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