And Now That You're Back...

...You'll want to keep an eye on:

Rate Anxiety

The Fed meets on Sept. 20, and while minutes from the August meeting make clear that the governors held their fire with some ambivalence, weak housing numbers have most observers betting that Ben's crew will sit tight at 5.25%.

Contentious Congress

With midterm elections looming and incumbents trembling in their loafers, Capitol Hill will grapple with issues that have stumped it so far: immigration, the minimum wage, and the estate tax.

Carly's Tale

Ousted HP (HPQ ) boss Carly Fiorina's book, due in early October, marks a new stage in her rebranding campaign.

Long Wait

Microsoft (MSFT ) says consumers will really, definitely, finally get their hands on its new operating system, Vista, early next year.

Star Power

Can Katie Couric, who takes over as CBS Evening News anchor on Sept. 5, restore the show's shine after years in the cellar?

Flicks to Go

Industry chatter says Apple (AAPL ) will soon announce a movie-capable iPod, upsetting big DVD retailers such as Wal-Mart (WMT ) and further roiling Hollywood's business model.

Day in Court

Former NYSE (NYX ) chief Dick Grasso goes to trial in October to face a lawsuit brought by Eliot Spitzer saying his pay package was illegal.

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