A Sad Day for Working Parents

Lauren Young

I don’t know how many parents died on Sept. 11th, but I do know there were a lot of them: Parents with grown up kids, parents with little kids, and parents with children yet to be born.

One of the parents I knew best was David Alger, a star mutual fund manager who worked on the 93rd floor of One World Trade Center. In January 2000, I wrote a profile of David called “On Top of the World” when he was truly at the top of the game, delivering the best returns of any mutual fund money manager in the 1990s. And while David (pictured below) was fiercely competitive and passionate about his work, his real pride and joy was his family. He talked about his two daughters, Roxanna and Christy, constantly. I never met either of them, but I know how much David loved his girls, and I can only hope that his love still fills their hearts.

Mother Nature can be cruel. Five years ago, the skies over New York City were blue and without a cloud. A few hours later, the city was smothered in smoke and ash.

Today it’s just as beautiful—and just as sad.

David Alger
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