It's JerryTime and the Fate of Press Releases

Heather Green

I found a recent turn of events very intriguing, given all the debate around whether blogs spell the end end of the press release. I admit that I always find it curiouse, after a briefing with a startup about an upcoming technology or announcement, to have them insouciantly say, oh, and when we make the announcement, it will be on the blog. And they mean, only on the blog.

Yet, in a twist, one of the most innovative video blogs out there--It's JerryTime--just yesterday starting sending releases to alert folks to its latest episodes.

Call me old fashioned or maybe just cautious. But I think that doing both press releases and blogs makes sense, not one over the other. Blogs transfer information pretty efficiently, but they don't always get it out past a certain group of people. Not all companies or industries are actually great fits right now for blogs. And practically, I still find archives of press releases a good informational resource--even if it turns out what the company was trumpeting turned out to be false.

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