Share a Game, Win Some Cash

Cliff Edwards

Casual games site Big Fish Games wants to, well, be the big fish of the sector and has come up with an interesting plan to overtake rival Real Arcade.

Jumping on the social networking craze, the company is launching My Big Fish Games, which essentially pays its mostly female audience to recommend games to their friends. Through the portal, a user can write game reviews and personalize their information. The hook, though, is that any time you invite someone to buy a game and they do, you get 25% of the purchase price, redeemable in cash, in game downloads,or you can donate the money to designated charities.

Big Fish estimates the program will represent a 33% to their gross margins, but that shouldn't make much of a dent in the very high margin software business--particularly since the company plans to use money it otherwise would have earmarked toward advertising.

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