PS3-Blu-ray Woes Redux

Cliff Edwards

Sony just can't seem to shake its Blu-ray woes. Now comes official word from the company that the supposed worldwide launch the company confidently predicted in May of PlayStation 3 was nothing more than wishful thinking.

Fanboys have been buzzing for the past couple of weeks that Sony, one of the major makers of Blu-ray diodes has stopped shipping them to other consumer electronics companies because of a manufacturing problem. Turns out, the problem is so bad that Sony says it now has to delay the European PS3 launch until March 2007.

Sony Computer Entertainment America prez Kaz Hirai, who has been widely ridiculed for his E3 enthusiasm about a platform that is close to a year behind Microsoft's Xbox 360, says we should all take heart that the company still plans to ship 6 million units by the end of March.

Folks at Microsoft, which says 10 million 360s will be sold by Christmas, must be chuckling at that. And Nintendo execs, aiming squarely at Sony's fan base, likely are positively giddy at the decidedly weak affirmation that November will be a kind month to all those who have waited patiently for the PS3.

Looks like you'd better start lining up now if you really want to get one in your hot little hands before Christmas.

And of course, this does not bode well for all those CE companies and movie studios that have backed Blu-ray because of Sony's insistence that its wide availability this year would trounce the cheaper HD DVD alternative. So far, only Samsung has been able to bring a player to market--and that unit has not received kind reviews because of an early manufacturing glitch.

There's weak execution and bad execution, and Sony seems to be falling squarely into the latter category as its statements continually fall far short of the truth.

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