Facebook revolt: Not all friends are equal

Stephen Baker

The revolt against Facebook's new news feed feature is growing by the thousands, minute by minute. A boycott is scheduled for Sept. 12. (ex Frank Gruber) CEO Mark Zuckerman is probably right: For many, it's probably a nice feature to have feeds on what friends are up to.

The trouble is that all "friends" are not equal. Think about your various address lists. You have a huge one for email, another one on your cell phone, and a third for instant chat. And if you're in a social network, that's a fourth. Each group of friends and contacts has its own levels of protocol and intimacy. I would be horrified if all of my e-mail contacts started popping up in chat. I'm betting that the Facebook revolters wouldn't mind their news going to a certain number of handpicked friends. But others are friends on a different level. Facebook has some tweaking to do.

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