Web 2.0 Ads: Another Sign of a Bubble?

Rob Hof

I wish Om Malik the best with his new tech news gig, and I bet he'll find (or keep, I should say) a sizable audience. But I think even he must be wondering about some of his sponsors. One of them, a "Web 2.0 search engine" called Huckabuck, is up for sale on eBay. Yeesh. Maybe even worse, it has gotten 33 bids as of Monday night, but at $8,300, bidders haven't yet hit the reserve price, which I'm betting isn't the billion or two of more famous Web 2.0 startups.

Update: In The Guardian, Jeff Jarvis has his own take on whether there's a Web 2.0 bubble:

When a company has plenty of money in the bank - whether from VCs, or from ad budgets paid for by VCs, or from monopoly power - it can avoid the pressure of the marketplace and run a business that would not stand on its own. That’s what bubbles are about - not irrational exuberance but irrational business.
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