Sega Takes the Monkey Puzzle Big Time

The game maker takes its popular Super Monkey Ball puzzle series and makes a full-fledged adventure

Sega's looking to expand its popular Monkey Ball franchise with Super Monkey Ball Adventure, a full-fledged action adventure game that provides a different take on the popular puzzle series. Rather than just churn out a cookie cutter sequel, developer Traveller's Tales has crafted a story mode that plays out like a typical platform adventure. There are 60 plus characters to interact with, different environments to explore, and the playable monkeys (AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon) can make use of magic spells that enable their monkey balls to hover, float, and become invisible. There's still a decent selection of standard boards to play through as well as six party games, but by and large, Super Monkey Ball Adventure is going to provide a somewhat different experience. Whether or not it's actually good is up for debate. The game will be shipped on August 1st for GameCube, PS2, and PSP, so expect to see it on shelves the following day.

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