Refresh Your Perspective

The pace of life today demands that we constantly stay in motion. It doesn’t encourage us to take time to gain perspective on the key puzzles and opportunities we have before us. We’re racing instead on the treadmill of daily demands. Between e-mails, voicemails, meetings, deadlines, budget crunches, and unexpected "problem-tunities," it has been said that a "day consists of 10 hours of interruptions." As days like this string together over time, we wonder how we can get the results we deeply desire.

Trying to lead yourself or your organization to new results requires leadership from a fresh perspective. Adding reflection time cultivates the new ideas and answers that enrich your leadership. It’s vital (and refreshing) to set aside time regularly to step off your "action-result" treadmill and reflect. Exercising, doing a hobby, meditating, journaling, and taking a walk are all good, as is anything else where you tend to lose track of time.

Schedule an opportunity to do it this week. Make it a point to open your mind to new information before you begin your "timeless activity." The new ideas and answers will flow, and will help you be a more effective leader.

David Peck Founder Leadership Unleashed San Francisco

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