The Year We Tipped Green--Thank You Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bruce Nussbaum

We're pretty busy trying to enjoy this last weekend of the summer and preparing for the Fall and schools and jobs but we should take a moment to realize that 2006 was truly the year the US went green. The cap on greenhouse gases just passed by the California legislature and soon-to-be-signed by Governor Arnold is just the latest evidence that the business community (led by GE and minus most of the energy, utility and chemical companies) has gone green. Finally. The fact is that with Europe going green, any global US corporation has to change the way it does business anyhow. Plus, with the weather so whacky is so much of the US, I believe that people are finally "getting it" in a personal way.

Architecture, of course, has led the way with going green with its LEED program in commerical buildings, but now we see the very first platinum LEED private house that will open up the entire housing market to really going green. Entrepreneur Steve Gleen just built this house in Santa Monica, California (naturally).

Green technology can provide the engine for growth for decades if we embrace it. And it has huge foreign policy implications. We will remember 2007 as a critical year. And Arnold for his politics as well as his movies.

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