BT Launches Corporate Blog

The British telecom giant aims to help small-business customers of its ISP service use information technology and the Internet

BT Business has launched its first blog in a bid to give SME customers a better idea of how to use IT and the internet.

The blog will cover topics such as building a website, reaching customers online and ensuring a network is secure.

Martin Faux, Derek Hemphill and David Morgan from BT Business and Ian Fenn, a user-experience and blogging expert will write the blogs.

One of the blog entries read: "We are delighted to let you know that our technical team have resolved the issue that made it necessary for some people to log in twice to access their email via Outlook Web Access."

Corporate blogging is still a controversial subject - some companies have been researching the topic for more than a year to find a way of using it without losing customer interest.

Bernhard Warner, an ex-Reuters journalist and co-founder of blogging company, told "I think it's a smart move. The first-move advantage will establish them as a default expert in this.

"The disadvantage is if they do it badly they could create something that's uninteresting. They must have done some research in this but if their [ISP] service is bad then they will hear about it from readers."


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