Lonelygirl15: The Brian Flemming Emails

Excerpts from an email exchange with faux-documentarian Brian Flemming.

These emails went back and forth this Monday afternoon, after a number of comment-board-commenters (followed later by, um, blogs affiliated with the New York Times and BusinessWeek) outlined interesting coincidences/potential ties that Flemming may have to lonelygirl15. (Brian weighed in on this , in a very engaging and entertaining fashion, on his most recent blog post.)

Brian Flemming: no, it’s not me

Jon Fine: Not to be difficult about this or anything, but if you were involved with lonelygirl15 and didn’t feel now was the right time to go public, would you admit it?

BF: no. [But] i would just fail to respond.

seriously. I don’t lie to reporters, ever. I have too many journalist friends not to understand what a serious deal that would be.

Lest this seem a bit pious or Clintonesque, Mr. Flemming convinced me he was serious when he then suggested in some detail what punishment I might inflict upon him were he lying about this. For reasons of taste and non-violence, I will not disclose these specifics beyond noting this suggestion concluded

with this email as evidence, no court would convict you.

More Flemming:

man, is it hard to deny something like this. funny. i have no idea how to be shermanesque about it. everything i could say would also be what i’d say if i were trying to fool people. curse you, lg15!

seriously. you can [reference to previously suggested punishment] if i’m lying to you.

JF: I am totally saving this email, but mostly because it’s hilarious.

As the blog post says, people have talked about having talks with some sort of quasi-production team/company invovled with lg15. But [I] have hit a brick wall in trying to figure out names.

Commenter on my blog suggests annie kehoe looks like bree.


no, definitely not annie, who is a friend.

she’s a fine actress, but she’s about 6 feet tall and just looks very different from Bree.

I’m gonna feel bad criticizing them if it turns out to be some young upstart theater troupe or something. it’s really impressive what they’ve pulled off if they aren’t experienced professionals.

I totally agree with him on that point.

Flemming’s parting request:

if you ever talk to the real bree, will you let her know i’m serious about reading her for danielle?

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