Here Comes IN2--Issue #2 of Inside Innovation.

Bruce Nussbaum

We're in the zone, in the flow, in the last part of the race where you are in that special place of pure joy of creativity that Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi talks about as we move toward completing the second issue of Inside Innovation. We have the most insightful and useful stories on innovation, design and creativity in one package that I've seen anywhere and the hard work now is choosing which of the best of the best gets into IN2 and which hold for IN3.

Thanks to feedback from lots of people on IN1, we've globalized, added more specific take-aways and gotten tougher in IN2. There's plenty of discussion about mistakes made in the drive to innovate. Lots of warnings about what NOT to do.

Plus a really great story on what really goes on in one of the world's most innovative companies--how it really does design and innovation. It's about how creative and business people interract to build amazing new things. And it talks about the secrets of this brand-name company's design obsession. It's not what you think. It will both surprise and delight you.

Inside Innovation is still a baby and I don't know how it will develop and grow. I do see that advertisers are loving it--companies who sell in the tech/consumer/innovation space are piling in. We've got this butterly fold-out ad for one high-tech corporation that is an architectural sight to behold. The stories that accompany it are designed to be so useful in generating creative ideas, I'm hoping people just pull the whole thing out and pass it around.

We're also planning a big program of stories online at the I&D off of IN2. They will add substantially to the print stories. I know most people who read this blog do all their reading online. But when IN2 comes out, it will be fun and interesting to read the innovation and design stories on both platforms.

Anyhow, that's why I'm not blogging a whole lot these days.

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