FlatOut 2

If you ever wanted to play darts with humans, FlatOut 2 is your game. But it has a few setbacks that keep it from the finish line

Destruction isn't just the order of the day in FlatOut 2 -- it's the entire menu. The game thrives on its chaotic nature, filled with spectacular crashes, high-octane racing thrills, and imaginative mini-games that provides efficient use for useless drivers (for a change). However, it may be a little too chaotic for its own good. The difficulty is all over the road, and the car handling leaves much to be desired. The lack of a custom soundtrack feature hurts as well, leaving you with the option to listen to the game's repetitive rock selections. FlatOut 2 runs a distant second to the Burnout games, but those seeking out no-rules racing action should take it for a test drive.

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