What Is Your Corporate Culture?

Even small organizations have a workplace culture. Is the office laid back? Is it a family-like atmosphere? Or perhaps it’s got a survival-of-the-fittest feel. As the business owner, your personality and management style will largely determine the corporate culture. It will be affected by the people you hire as well. If you are a type-A personality and you hire a bunch of type-A personalities, your culture is going to be profoundly different from that of someone who takes a more laid-back approach to business.

Why is it important to determine your company’s culture? Because every time you hire someone, you should be thinking about whether he or she will "fit" into the culture you have created. Studies have shown that individuals hired based on their fit with the company are far more successful than those hired based on their fit with the job opening. In other words, you could hire the best accountant in the world, but if he clashes with the company culture, he is doomed to fail.

John Challenger CEO Challenger, Gray & Christmas Chicago

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