Battlefield 2142, New Worlds of War

The new first person shooter game from DICE features the future of warfare including invisibility suits and flying fortresses

In the world of Battlefield 2142, a new Ice Age forces a new war, where soldiers from two superpowers (the European Union and the Pan Asian Coalition) battle over what little inhabitable land remains. Using futuristic weapons and vehicles, like hovercraft APC's and hulking walkers, players will once again try to dominate the battlefield. The unlock system and persistent player tracking from Battlefield 2 will be making a return, allowing players to don camouflage suits which effectively make them invisible. In addition to the traditional conquest mode, BF 2142 will have Titan mode, where players try to fight their way onto a flying fortress while defending their own! The future is wrought with war, so the only question is, will you be ready?

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