Will text books face advertising crisis?

Stephen Baker

One of the pleasures in working for McGraw-Hill Companies: When business magazines face a slump in advertising revenue, we have this big old text book division that keeps churning out sales, without a worry in the world about ads. Now I see that at least some text books are tweaking their age-old business model to make room for ads. Strange timing, I'd say.

We're packing to take a week at the Jersey Shore. Our neighbor says it's not even worth driving down there on a summer Saturday, losing an entire day on the Garden State Parkway. But like probably every other networked North Jerseyite, I've checked the "avoid tolls" option on MapQuest. So I'll be crawling along roads like CR-539. If any of you ride the Garden State south today, you might let me know what I missed. In any case, blogging over the next week will be iffy from my side, at best.