NikkoCitigroup: Nintendo's Wii champ in Japan, Xbox 360 global winner

Kenji Hall

Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3 are still months away from launch, but these days every analyst seems to be weighing in with a prediction of the winner. Consider NikkoCitigroup's. The brokerage's video game industry analyst, Soichiro Fukuda, now thinks the Xbox 360 will be the overall champ among the next-gen consoles. Previously, he'd seen it as a closer call between the Xbox 360 and the PS 3. The reason: Sony's decision to price the PS 3 way out of reach of most ordinary folks. Through spring 2012, Fukuda puts sales of the Xbox 360 at 71.5 million units (43.9%), PS 3 at 46.5 million units (28.5%) and Wii at 45 million units (27.6%).

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