Pontiac Converts

With the new G6 convertible, and the new Solstice roadster, Pontiac now has two fun, sporty droptops

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Retractable hardtop, sleek styling, low price

The Bad: Poor rear head room and trunk space; slow; clunky handling

The Bottom Line: Whoa! This is a Pontiac?

Up Front

Pontiac has another bona fide winner on its hands in its new G6 Convertible coupe. The '06 version came out late—in April—and quickly sold out, so dealers are now selling '07s. The company rightly describes the G6 convertible as "red-hot," noting that the cars spend just an average of 11 days on dealers' lots before being snapped up. That makes two best-selling new Pontiacs on the market right now. The other is the Solstice two-seater sports car (see BusinessWeek.com, 10/5/05, "Solstice: A Brawny Beauty").

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