The least important, most water-cooler worthy VC post you will read today

Tim Mullaney

So I'm doing this story for the magazine about venture capital, which I can't tell you about yet because I haven't published it. (Sorry, Jeff Jarvis, I don't do my reporting -- yet -- by spreading my ideas all over the street). And I'm messing around on the Web site for Oak Investment Partners, a venture firm that just raised a $2 billion-plus investment pool that is one of the biggest VC funds ever.

And there's this fascinating coincidence.

Regular readers of this blog know I follow an e-health software and services startup called athenahealth, not least because of the pure entertainment value of the fact that CEO Jonathan Bush is the cousin of the President of the United States.

But guess who's on his board?

Would you believe Ann Lamont -- as in, Oak general partner and wife of Ned Lamont, the millionaire Democrat who just beat Joe Lieberman for the Connecticut Senate nomination? You know, the guy who won by lambasting Lieberman (with help from this blog and this blog) for being too nice to, too close to, too, well, kissable by...Jon Bush's cousin?

No, of course you wouldn't.

But it's true.

And I couldn't not blog that. It's just too funny.

The world changes, but apparently the eastern establishment is still a pretty small place.

I asked athenahealth for a comment, and here's what the flack said: "Our CFO was in the Clinton administration."

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