Why is Finding The Right Product So Tough Sometimes

David Kiley

So, I graduated to a Treo. I know. I know. So what? But this was a big step for me.
My first reaction: It's too big to keep in my pocket. So, to my wife's chagrin, I clipped it to my belt. "You geek!!!!, she cried.

I didn't mind the belt clip thing...until...I used the leather case it came with, and clipped it my belt. After a week, the clip broke. I bought the thing in New Jersey, and I'm in Michigan now. So, too lazy to go through the machinations of getting a refund (the case came in a package that also included a car charger and Bluetooth ear-piece), I went to a store to find a better, more durable holder and clip. A guy sold me a hard plastic cover with a clip. It protects it if you drop it, he said. I commented that it looked a bit flimsy. And he said, if it breaks, bring it back.

It broke two weeks later. This cheap plastic thing cost almost $20. And the teeth on the ratchet that holds the case to the clip just broke off. Argh! Cheap stuff at fancy prices. I hate that.

Sigh. So, now I am back to the original leather case without the belt clip and sticking it in my pocket. I'm not happy.

My question is this: With Treos becoming so ubiquitous, why isn't there (that I have found anyway) a line of really sturdy, well thought out, holder/clip solutions. There should be a dozen to choose from. For openers, can we please make the clip-ratchet out of something like...STEEL!!!...that wouldn't be subjected to the same easy breakage as plastic.

Designers? Please? I will pay up to $50.00 at least...possibly more if it's really nice...for a really smart, cool holder/clip that won't break and is an example of truly smart design.

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