Tic Tac's Web Flavor

The candy maker's site looks good, but it needs more content

It's a daily ritual played out in countless ways everywhere. For some, it's a prelude to an evening date; for others, it's an after-dinner mouth freshener; quite often, it's just something to crunch on while lounging around. Whatever the occasion or purpose, Tic Tac, the tiny, coated, capsule-shaped mint, packs a big impact.

In 1969, the Ferrero Company first launched Tic Tac in its classic fresh mint flavor. Today, the popular mint is available in five additional flavors: spearmint, wintergreen, citrus twist, cinnamon, and orange. Packaged in plastic boxes and distinguished by a familiar rattle, Tic Tac has been "teasing the taste buds of Americans for over three decades."

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