Bright Idea

Chris Palmeri

In the 'why didn't anyone think of that before' department let us now gaze in wonder at the FocusOn light. Yes, just as the real estate market looks like its in need of a boost, Cyberlux Corporation of Research Triangle Park, N.C. is rolling out a pair of LED lights that Realtors can attach to their "For Sale" signs, thus catching a prospective buyer's attention, even at night. The FocusOn will retail for $14.99 and be sold at hardware stores and home improvement chains so even folks taking the for-sale-by-owner route can tap into this latest advancement in real estate technology. The FocusOn is waterproof and uses four D-cell batteries that will last about thirty days. The device illuminates both sides of the sign and--thanks to a built-in timer--will turn itself off after four hours. That way folks whose bedrooms face the lawn can get some shut eye. Now, if Cyberlux can just figure out a way to stop somebody from stealing it.

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