How Do You Value Design? Ask Pentagram's Michael Bierut.

Bruce Nussbaum

I was recently toasted by a small blog mob of graphic designers on the great Design Observer site for advocating open-source design of our new magazine, IN--Inside Innovation. Without all the blah, blah, the contretemps came down to how you value design work. The graphic design folks argued for rules that prohibit "spec" work. I argued that partnering with with really, really smart people can generate all kinds of compensation, some of which is monetary. In our open-source process (actually we paid the graphic designers who entered our contest and the innovation consultants and ad agency Modernista did their prototypes on spec) we wound up with young Katie Andresen and her boss, the brilliant Bruce Crocker of Modernista designing IN. I think it was Katie's first magazine--and she did an amazing job. Without open-sourcing, we would have not found Katie or Bruce. Both are on board to design IN2--which comes out in early September.

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