A Brighter Look

Close readers of BusinessWeek may notice that the magazine looks a little different this week. Everything is where you expect it to be, but a bit more air is wafting through. That's because we removed the heavy bands at the tops of our pages and slightly reduced the type size of our topic headings to create what we think is a cleaner, more appealing look.

A magazine is always a work in progress as we listen to what you have to tell us and strive to serve you better. In the past year we have added The Welch Way by Jack and Suzy Welch, Face Time with Maria Bartiromo, Parker on Wine by Robert Parker, Media Centric by Jon Fine, and Outside Shot by nonstaff experts with provocative points of view. We've also brought to the magazine a weekly summary of news you need to know, called The Business Week, and an occasional feature, Feedback, that lets us have conversations with readers about their letters and online responses to some of our key stories. We've tried to make our management coverage more useful by distilling best-practice ideas in a format we call Playbook. And just last month we launched a quarterly magazine within the magazine, IN: Inside Innovation.

In the coming months we'll continue to pursue new ways of enhancing BusinessWeek while preserving our focus on timely content driven by careful reporting, enriched by knowledgeable and dispassionate analysis.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts. E-mail us at bwreader@businessweek.com.

By Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief

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