Starbucks And Jet Blue--You Are Losing Me.

Bruce Nussbaum

Starbucks stock price isn't doing too well, and neither is JetBlue's, while other cX companies (companies that give good consumer experience) have strong earnings and strength in the stock market. What gives?

My own personal experiences in recent weeks may explain the problem--and the need to solve it before people look at Starbucks and JetBlue the way they often look at Detroit. So...On a flight back from Fort Lauderdale last Sunday on JetBlue (my favorite airline), the plane was late, the seat and floor were dirty (I stepped in gum as I sat down and it stuck to my shoe the whole trip--now that's a nice experience), and the coffee (Dunkin Donuts) was awful. It tasted burnt. A couple more of this kind of experience and JetBlue will lose me.

Starbucks too. I have a favorite Starbucks near where I work and I stop in many times a week to get my caffeine. Lately, they changed the line process. Instead of two lines or three lines, there is now one long line. Way too long for me as I race to work. They're losing me. And in this heat, I like my iced coffee. In the past, I got it pretty fast. Now, I wait in the same line behind people ordering some pretty complex, fancy stuff. That means waiting even longer. So, now I poke my head into the Starbucks--and walk away. Not a great consumer experience.

I don't know how typical my recent personal experience with JetBlue and Starbucks is, but if any bigshots at those companies are reading this, listen up. YOU ARE LOSING ME. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.