Folgers Online Commercial: Disturbing

New Folgers' online commercial. Disturbing or
Heather Green

I just got an email about a Folgers commercial that's being done only online, and potentially in movie theatres, the pitch says. I find the video disturbing, but this is what the pitch says about it:

"In the unique commercial, figures dressed in yellow represent morning sunbeams that prance around and wake sleeping people by singing (Alan) Zachary and (Michael) Weiner's song. For the song, the two combine an upbeat melody with quirky lyrics that include the repeated phrase 'You can sleep when you are dead.' The result is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, extremely catchy tune that subtly mocks the coffee drinker who has not yet had his caffeine boost. Paired with award-winning director Steve Ayson's unique visuals, it demonstrates a fresh approach to commercial making."

Ok. But you decide.

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